We went to the Gould League!

Last week the Preps went to the Gould League to learn about the importance of recycling, reusing and composting to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into landfill.
Thank you to Trish from the Gould League who made our day so interesting and informative.
Thank you also to our wonderful parent helpers who were able to attend.

We made many new discoveries and have shared some of our learning below.

We learnt that there are different trucks. One is for cans, one is for boxes and there are separate boxes for recycling. Alexander
We learnt about rubbish. We should put stuff in the right bin. Nicholas
Scraps and rubbish go in the rubbish. Paper goes into the recycling bin. Daniel
I learnt that worms have a saddle where the babies come from. Anouk
Glass is made from sand and aluminium comes from rocks. Bianca
We learnt about picking up rubbish. Madeleine K
I learnt that you have to put the rubbish in the right bin because your earth can get destroyed. Ruby
We played games – fishing, recycle relay and catch the right food for the worms. Ryan
I didn’t know that tea bags can be put in the compost. Scarlett
We learnt about which foods we could put in the compost. Eve
Tin cans can be recycled to make new cans. Nathan
Rocks and sand and oil can make glass and plastic. Tara
Worms are really slimy and they are good for the soil because they poo to help the soil. Erin
We did a play about helping our environment called Kid Can. It was about recycling. Madeleine W

I learnt that if a worm has its tail cut off it can grow a new one. Joshua D
I learnt that worms like to eat apple and pear. Tegan
Paper comes from the bark on trees. Celia
We looked for treasure and found pictures of cans and sand and rocks. Yar
We went inside the compost bin and we saw a spider and lettuce and slugs. Victoria
I learnt that if you put things in the wrong bin it won’t be recycled. Oscar
Spiders live in the compost bin. Samuel
Metal is made out of rock. Joshua S
I learnt that there is actually a place where the rubbish goes called landfill. Sophie
When the worms are pregnant they have a band around them called a saddle. Georgie
Apples and banana peels go in the compost. Paper goes in the recycling bin. Rubbish goes in the the rubbish Bin. Tilly
I learnt that trees give us paper and air. Vanessa
Sophie found a big white bug in the garden and we found out it was a beetle grub. Max K
We shouldn’t cut down trees because trees make our air clean. Jake
The compost makes the grass healthy and helps it to grow. Stella

Share with your family all the things the you learnt at the Gould League.
Parents, please use the photos and discoveries as prompts to discuss the excursion with your child.
We would love to see some comments from you.


The amazing artwork of the very talented children of St Luke’s was displayed last weekend. The Prep children created many beautiful pieces including a Snowman- from a Birds Eye View, a Bird of Paradise, A Torn Paper Owl, A Seahorse and many 3D pieces to create a MAGNIFICENT garden!!!







3D Shapes in Prep

In Prep we have been learning about three dimensional shapes – 3D. We looked for 3D shapes in the classroom. We found cylinders – candle, glue stick, crayon, cup, container, stamper and a string roll

Photo by Celia

cones – a party hat and a witches hat

Photo by Yar

spheres – ball, pom pom, marble and a foam ball

Photo by Tilly

rectangular prisms – boxes, packet textas, pin tub and a shape cutter

Photo by Josh D

Photo by Josh D

and cubes – dice, blocks and a box.

Photo by Vanessa

We discovered our class room was full of many different 3D shapes.

What 3D shapes can you find at home or at work? Tell us about them.