3D Shapes in Prep

In Prep we have been learning about three dimensional shapes – 3D. We looked for 3D shapes in the classroom. We found cylinders – candle, glue stick, crayon, cup, container, stamper and a string roll

Photo by Celia

cones – a party hat and a witches hat

Photo by Yar

spheres – ball, pom pom, marble and a foam ball

Photo by Tilly

rectangular prisms – boxes, packet textas, pin tub and a shape cutter

Photo by Josh D

Photo by Josh D

and cubes – dice, blocks and a box.

Photo by Vanessa

We discovered our class room was full of many different 3D shapes.

What 3D shapes can you find at home or at work? Tell us about them.

4 thoughts on “3D Shapes in Prep

  1. Hi Preps,
    I used a can of coconut cream to cook with tonight. It was a solid cylinder when full with both ends covered. Then I took the lid off and emptied it. Is it still a cylinder now it is hollow?

  2. Hi Mrs Clark
    We think you were trying to trick us but we know that the can is still a cylinder even when it is empty. It is still a cylinder because its shape has not change. Thanks for your comment.
    from Prep K and Prep S

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