Reading Takes You Places!

Dr. Seuss says

The Preps recently painted self portraits. These are displayed in the Library, along with this wonderful quote from Dr. Seuss. There is nothing more worthwhile than taking the time to read a story. Stories really can take you places!

6 thoughts on “Reading Takes You Places!

  1. What a talented group of Preps we have in 2015. I really enjoyed the slide show. Congratulations on amazing self portraits.

  2. Hi Preps,
    They are great paintings! You are all artists. We love reading too. What are some of your favourite books? We hope you have fun doing more learning. Look forward to seeing more of the great work that you are doing!

    From Madeline, Caitlin and Joel B

  3. Hi Preps. I loved looking at all your self portraits. There are some real artists in your class! I can’t wait to see more of your work, photos and art up here on your blog during the year. Keep having fun. From Suzi (Joel’s Mum)

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