Police Visit


Today a policewoman named Bec came to our school. She taught us lots of different things.
We learnt that:
Stay with Mum and Dad at the shops – Riley
If you need help you can call 000 – Joel
Always hold Mum and Dads hand at the shops or at a market. – Lola
Police take care and look after you. _ Penny
If you are lost at the shops go to a person at the counter in a shop for help- Sam & Leticia
Police have dogs to help them. – Rose
Police have equipment to help them, like a baton and spray.- Will
Police use horses to help them. – Louie
Police help you. – Charlotte
Police wear special jackets. – Elouise
Police put people in jail. -Miller
Police use a special radio like a walkie talkie. – Abbey
Police use helipcopters to keep a look out. – Imogen
Police use a radio to talk to other policemen. – Luca
The police wear special belts. – Lee
The police keep us safe from bad guys. – Caleb
The police can use a police bike. _ Eleanor
Always hod a bigger person’s hand when you cross the road. – Annie
Police use a siren to tell people they are coming.- Kayla
They can squirt spray into bad people’s eyes. – Alessia
Know Mum and Dads number if you need help. – Myla

The best part of the day was getting to go in the police car.- Max
I loved dressing up like a policewoman. – Layla

It was a great visit.

We are still wondering:
Why are some police cars different colours?

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6 thoughts on “Police Visit

  1. Wow Preps. You were very lucky to have Bec to come and talk to you about ways to keep safe. I guess the police like to have rules just like you have rules at home and rules at school and lots of those are also to keep you safe. We know another policewoman who drives a different colour police car (I think a bright yellow one sometimes) and this is because she is in the highway patrol team to keep people safe on the roads. I think the colour of the car is different so that they can be seen easily and people know the special job they do. I think that maybe one day one of you might be a policeman or a policewoman – the uniforms looked good on lots of you!

  2. Fantastic! Love the photo of you all. I enjoyed reading about everything that you have learnt from Bec. Keep up the great learning Preps!

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