How EGG-citing!

Over the last two weeks in Prep we have been very lucky to have a chicken hatching program. Our big question for Inquiry this term is ‘What do living things need?’ We have watched the chickens hatch and grow very quickly and have learnt what they need. Each day we looked closely at our chickens and filled in our Chicken Journals. We made new discoveries and learnt many interesting things. Here are our discoveries and photos of us holding our very special visitors.

Prep S
Chickens peck with their egg tooth to get out of the egg. Luca
Black chickens come from white eggs. Cadell
White eggs hatch black chickens. Abbey
Chickens pecked the black chicken because it was different. Mitchell
Chickens are wet in the incubator and they are so cold. Penny
The black chicken was safe with the yellow chickens. Liana
When the chickens come out of their egg they are wet. When they are fluffy we put them in the playpen. Chibueze
When chickens are born they are wet. Jacob
When chickens hatch out of white eggs they are black. Olivia
When chickens hatch from their eggs they are wet. Eleanor
The chickens don’t eat much food . Rose
The chickens like to eat the crumbs. Tallulah
The chicken has an egg tooth that helps it to break out of the egg shell. Elouise
The chickens eat a special weet-bix. Louie
The white eggs hatch and the black chickens come out. Riley
The chickens have an egg tooth to peck them out of the shell. Linkon

Our Chickens on PhotoPeach

Prep K
The chicken comes out of the egg. Then it hatches and the hen and the rooster meet it. First (the chicken) has downy feathers and then it grows into a teenager. If it is a hen it grows an egg. Jacob
The chickens have a comb on their beak. Kayla
The older chicks have changed. They don’t have their egg tooth. They have new feathers and tail feathers. Sam
First they are in an egg and then they are a chick. Then they become a rooster or a hen. Myla
The chickens feet are bigger and they are growing new feathers. They are starting to grow a comb on their head. Layla
The chickens grow new feathers on their wings. Miller
The chickens use an egg tooth to get out of the egg. Chickens need to run and sleep. Espe
I learnt that chickens grow new feathers on their wings and tail feathers. Caleb
Some of the chicks have black feathers. Joel
I learnt that chickens have combs on their heads. Luke
The chickens need some water and food and rest to make them grow. Lola
I discovered that chickens grow tail feathers. Max
I discovered the chick had grown a comb on her beak. Harry
The chickens have grown feathers on their wings. Annie
Sometimes the chickens sleep because they run and get tired. Elliot
The chickens grew new feathers on their wings. Charlotte
I learnt that the chicks have an egg tooth to get out of their eggs. Leticia
The chickens grew new feathers on their wings. Will
Chickens need water and food and sleep and a light to keep them warm. Lee
The chickens have eaten and drunk to grow taller. The egg tooth has gone away because they are getting bigger and they don’t need it anymore. Imogen

Our Chickens on PhotoPeach

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