100 Days of Prep!

 Today the Preps celebrated 100 days of school. We had a wonderful day full of activities. First our Buddies came to our room with – 100 balloons! We were very excited to see 100 balloons!

100 balloons from our Buddies!

100 Balloons! from Learning Together on Vimeo.

Then we made pictures of what we will look like when we are 100! Our Buddies helped us make special crowns with ten strips of paper and each strip had 10 stars on it (10 x 10=100). Our proud teachers made us treat bags with 100 made from biscuits.
Here we are!


Prep S and Prep K for a fantastic

100 Days of Prep!

Beautiful Bubbles!

Last week the Preps were very lucky to have a sunny day in Melbourne to blow bubbles. We had so much fun chasing the bubbles and seeing the beautiful rainbows in each one. When we had finished we went inside to watch a short film from the Literacy Shed called ‘Bubbles’  by Gabriela Zapata. A beautiful story without words. We had lots of rich discussion about what the story was about and how the author used music and animation to create the story.

Then we thought about where we would go if we could float away in a bubble. We wrote our stories and painted pictures to match. Please visit our classroom to see the many wonderful adventures we would have if we could float away in a bubble …….. .

Here we are blowing bubbles.

Blowing Bubbles! from Learning Together on Vimeo.





On Tuesday the 14th of July, three Fire fighters came to our school to talk to us about how we can stay safe around fires. We learnt lots of things!!!
We should always be with an adult around any fire. When blowing out candles always make sure your hair is tied back or out of the way. Stay away from the stove when mum or dad are cooking.
Fire fighter Mark showed us a smoke detector and we listened to the noise it makes if it goes off. It was really loud. Smoke detectors keep us safe, especially at night because our noses go to sleep too and we wouldn’t be able to smell smoke when we are asleep.
Fire fighter Paul showed us what to do if we needed to get out of our house if there was a fire. First we would
“CRAWL DOWN LOW and GO, GO, GOOOO! Then we would meet at our Safe Meeting Place. Our letterbox is a great place to meet.
Finally Fire fighter Christian dressed up in his full uniform. He sounded funny when he was breathing through his mask. He gave some of us high fives. It was fun!
Now we have homework to do with mum and dad.
1. How many smoke detectors are in our house. Do I know where they are?
2. Where is our safe meeting place in case of an emergency?