100 Days of Prep!

 Today the Preps celebrated 100 days of school. We had a wonderful day full of activities. First our Buddies came to our room with – 100 balloons! We were very excited to see 100 balloons!

100 balloons from our Buddies!

100 Balloons! from Learning Together on Vimeo.

Then we made pictures of what we will look like when we are 100! Our Buddies helped us make special crowns with ten strips of paper and each strip had 10 stars on it (10 x 10=100). Our proud teachers made us treat bags with 100 made from biscuits.
Here we are!


Prep S and Prep K for a fantastic

100 Days of Prep!

7 thoughts on “100 Days of Prep!

  1. Wow , looks like great fun! You are so lucky to be at such a wonderful school where you have had the chance to have a whole lot of fun and learn so many new things in the first 100 days if school!

  2. Congratulations Preps for your 100 days at school! I love all the fantastic artwork of what you would look like at 100 years of age.

  3. Congratulations Preps on reaching 100 days! Love all of your colourful crowns & artwork. Keep up the great work!

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