Celebrating Letterland Day!

Today we had a fabulous day celebrating all the great reading and writing we have done so far this year. We were very excited to come to school dressed as our favourite Letterland characters. We had a parade and then we enjoyed different activities. Thanks to our families who helped with our costumes and were able to stay for the parade.

Letterland Day on PhotoPeach

Letterland Day on PhotoPeach


8 thoughts on “Celebrating Letterland Day!

  1. My favourite Letterland character is Zig Zag Zebra because that is one of my favourite animals – Joel

    My favourite Letterland character is Sammy Snake because my name starts with an S – Suzi

    My favourite Letterland character is Ippy Ink because I just like the look of his/her costume – Maddy

    My favourite Letterland character is Clever Cat because it starts with a C – Caitin

    My favourite Letterland character is Dippy Duck because it sounds funny – Ross

    We hope that all the Preps had a great Letterland Day. We can’t believe that you have learnt all the letters already this year! Enjoy learning more about the other sounds that some of these letters make.

  2. Well Done Preps with the creativity and lots of colour for letterland day. I can’t pick which one is my favourite letterland character because every character is special. But I did really like Harry Hat Man – Louie!!

  3. Hi Preps,
    I hope you liked Letterland Day and my favourite Letterland character is Clever Cat because I went as Clever Cat when I was in prep.
    From Madison

  4. Hi Preps,
    Good job on the creativity you designed for your costumes to be your favorite character. My favorite Letter Land character was Zig Zag Zebra because I love Zebras and it started with my last name.

    From Zachary.Z

  5. Hello, Preps.
    I love your blog and I think that all the Letter land characters are pretty cool, My favourite Letter land character is Clever Cat.

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