Look who’s coming!!!

Today the Preps were given an egg. They were then asked what they thought was nestled inside. Lots of the children excitedly exclaimed that it was a CHICK…and they were right!!! Others thought it could have been a crocodile or a duck. Next week we will be having special visitors to our classroom. We wonder “Who will it be?” Do you know?

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8 thoughts on “Look who’s coming!!!

  1. How exciting to have chicks in your classrooms. You will all discover so many wonderful things watching the chicks change and grow.

  2. Hi Preps
    What a great job you did at guessing what animal might be inside the eggs you were given. We hope you are loving your chicks. We remember when the chickens came to visit us. We remember learning about the life cycle of a chicken. We learnt that they are different colours. We wonder how many chicks you have? How many eggs still need to hatch?
    From your friends in Junior S

  3. Hi Preps

    How exiting to have chickens in your class.

    Are they loud? You will have so much fun and you will have some wild discoverys.

    From Emma

  4. Hello Mrs Swann and Juniors S,

    We have 29 chicks and one unhatched egg. In Prep K all our chicks have hatched and in Prep V there is one egg to go and it has a medium sized crack in it.

    Thank you for your comment and questions.

    From Prep K and V

  5. -Jack C
    that looks like a lot of fun. I wish us Seniors had chickens. I have an idea for one of their names it could be Ken.

    I liked all the chickens quacking and them walking around. I have some names for them and they are: Peter, Xavier, Rupert, Lui, Riley.

  6. Hello Preps
    That sounds very interesting and nice.
    The chicks were fluttering in the playpen.
    They eat seeds and bugs.
    How do the chicks fly?
    Keep up the good blogging Preps.
    Ashling and Annie.

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