Look At Our Chicks Now!


Our chicks are growing and changing everyday. We noticed they are growing tail feathers! They are very active and love running around the playpen. We saw one chick stretch its wings and flutter up to the net covering the playpen. They spend a lot of time eating and pecking at the ground. We love watching them!

5 thoughts on “Look At Our Chicks Now!

  1. Hi Preps
    The chickens look very fluffy. It was fun when we got to cuddle the chickens and they have grown a lot. Looks like they eat and play around a lot. I wish I had chickens in my classroom!
    From Lauren and Ruby

  2. Hi,
    I think the chicks are really cute and the chicks were also really fluffy.
    I hope to see the chicks again later.
    Zoe and Jess:)

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