Our Chicks!

We were sorry to see our chicks leave on Friday but we know they are going to continue to grow and change on the farm. We have learnt so much from our beautiful chicks and before they left everyone was able to have a hold. We needed to remember to be calm and quiet so that we didn’t frighten the young chicks. It was lovely to feel how soft and warm they were. Here are our reflections on holding the chicks.

The chick felt like it was shaking because it was nervous.  Alana

The chick felt soft.  Erica

The chick felt fluffy.  Monika

The chick was tickling my hand.  Roy

The feathers felt soft.  Zoe

The chick felt like a fluffy ball.  Xavier

The chick’s wings felt fluffy.  Ken

The chick I held was very calm.  Peter

The chick sat in my hands.  Grace

The chick is fluffy.  Olivia

I liked the beak on the chick.  Annie

The baby chick felt nice. It was playing with me.  Jordan

The chick was sleeping in my hands.  Melina

When I held the chick I saw the new wings.  Leo

Connor  The chick was scratching me and it felt awesome.

Ruby  When I was holding the chick it was tickly.

Hayley  When I held the chicken it felt ticklish and I felt happy.

Harvey   It felt like the chick was scratching my hand. The chick was soft.

Kate  The chicken’s claws were scratchy. He was quite cute and soft.

Lucas  The chick was soft and warm.

Kiara  The chick felt like a blanket because it was really soft.

Rupert  I was happy because the chick felt soft.

Lachie  When I was holding the chick it felt soft. The claws were hard.

Isabella  The chicken’s claws were a bit sharp. It was soft and cute.

George  The chick was warm and fluffy. I felt happy.

Emily  The chick did stretch his wings out and he scratched me.

Bella  The chick was cute because it was fluffy.

Tom  When I held the chick it felt ticklish.

Carlee  When I held the chick it felt very fluffy and tickly.

Mykaela  The chick felt soft and fluffy.

Maddison  The claws on the chick felt scratchy.

15 thoughts on “Our Chicks!

  1. Dear Preps,
    I really like the comments on your chicks.Did you enjoy having the chicks? Were they any trouble?

    Dear Preps,
    Did you love the Chicks? Because I know I loved them. I really like Chickens. Somehow when I was at home they all hatched but 2. Then when I was in maths 1 hatched.Thank you for sharing the chicks with us. Was it a challenge to look after them?

    Bye from Hayden and Angus 🙂

  2. The chicks were awesome. Chicken style Awesome! 🙂
    Were they fun to watch…?
    Hayden and Angus 🙂

  3. I really like what Harvey said about the chickens! I remember back in the old days when we had the chickens! Harvey really liked the black chicken. Sounds like you’ve had a great year so far!

    Bye! From Piers, Peter and Harvey!

  4. Wow Harvey!

    Sounds like you had a lot fun with the chicks. When I was in prep, we too had chickens in our classroom. Do you miss the chickens?


  5. Hi preps,
    The chicks look lovely and cute too and I wish I could hold the chicks too. I wish we had we had chicks in our class.
    Did you name the chicks? I hope to see more animals in your classroom.
    Form Alex

  6. Dear Preps,
    The chickens look so cute. I remember having chickens when I was in prep and they were soft and fluffy and we also got to hold them.
    Monika- I watched the chickens hatch and it was awesome.
    Bella- The chickens were soft and fluffy.
    Thankyou preps for sharing your experiences with the chickens.
    Bridie, Monika and Bella.

  7. Dear Preps,
    I hoped you enjoyed the the baby chicks they looked so soft and fluffy. I saw there were all different colours. Leo says that they have grown so big that they can eat and drink all by themselves. They also grew hair and were very fluffy and they liked to make lots of noises and pick at the ground. I wonder how big they are now?
    From Leo and Brandon.C

  8. Hi Classmates,
    I loved the chickens and I loved holding them. My favorite part about the chickens is that they always were pecking each other and that they were really really fluffy, they looked really really cute. I liked holding them and when they ate they looked really cute as well, sometimes they looked like fluffy wolves.
    – Roy

    Hi Preps,
    Sad that your chickens are gone, hope you had an awesome time with them. I remember when I had chickens in prep, I was soooo lucky to hold one. Have fun

  9. Hi Preps,
    This is Carlee and she thinks it is very exciting.

    Now it is Jenny (Carlee’s buddy) and I also think it is exiting and I love chickens.

    From Jenny and Carlee best buddy’s

  10. To Preps –
    According to the post the chickens in my imagination would’ve felt really nice – Will
    I thought they were felt really soft and cuddly – Lachlan
    The chickens looked very cuddly in the post to the right – Will
    The Chickens were very good and fun to play with – Lachlan
    From Will and Lachlan!

  11. I liked the chickens because they where fluffy and I like the black Chickens the best.

    From Grace and Ava

  12. Hi Preps,
    We think the chickens are beautiful. I liked how all the preps told us what they thought about holding the chickens.

    From Natalie, Hayley and Isabella

  13. Dear Preps,
    We really enjoyed seeing the baby chickens.
    Olivia – The chicks were so fluffy and soft.
    Melina – Why were the chickens soft?
    Why do the chickens hatch out of eggs? Why do chickens have not many featherswhen born ?
    From Maria, Melina and Olivia

  14. Hi Preps,
    It is annoying when the chickens have to leave, when I was in prep our chickens had to go to the farm too. When they were in your care you took good care of them so I know they will grow up extra strong because you helped them grow up. Jordan says they liked to play a lot. What did they do when they were playing?

    From Jordan and Riley O

  15. Hi Preps
    Xavier felt sad that the chickens were leaving. I really liked how Xavier described what they felt like. I think Xavier learnt a lot about the chickens.
    All the chickens look so cute.

    By Xavier and Ryan

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