Hairy Heads!

We are very busy in Prep learning about what living things need to grow and change. Last week we made our Hairy Heads! We learnt that seeds need food from the soil, sunlight and water to grow. Just look at how hairy our heads are! Nearly time for a haircut?!

DSC07930DSC07931DSC07932DSC07933DSC07935DSC07936DSC07938 DSC07939 DSC07940

3 thoughts on “Hairy Heads!

  1. Hi Preps
    We think your Hairy Heads are really cool! You have very hairy heads and we think it is time for a haircut. How long do you think their hair will grow? What do you think would happen if a hairy head didn’t get any sunlight?
    See you next time.
    Junior S

  2. Hi preps,
    I really think that your harry heads look fantastic.
    I think they have still got a little bit of growing to do.
    I am wondering – how did you make them and how many of you are there?
    from Hamish. R

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