Reflecting on Term Two!

After a very busy term it was time to reflect on our learning. We are very proud of our beautiful Preps and all the enthusiasm and wonder they bring to their learning. Congratulations on a fabulous term, you have learnt so much! Thank you to all our parents and families who have supported us throughout this first semester.

What have you learnt? What did you enjoy learning?

I learnt how to count to 100 and how to read more words in books. I can read thicker books like my brother. Xavier

I learnt how to read stories and how to make words and letters with the blocks. Gemma

I learnt how to make popcorn using a procedure and how to read books. Grace

I learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly. The butterfly lays an egg and then it turns into a caterpillar. The caterpillar eats lots of food and gets fatter and fatter and when it stops eating it starts to turn into a chrysalis. A butterfly comes out of the chrysalis when the wings are dry and it grows bigger the butterfly flies and lays eggs. Jordan

I learnt how to count to 100 by ones and by tens to 100. I also learnt that chicken can’t fly. Melina

I learnt how to write big sentences and chickens, frogs and fish lay eggs. It was fun learning about the Letterland characters. Peter

I learnt that chickens and butterflies lay eggs. The chicken lays eggs and then it hatches. The chick gets older and then it’s a grown up. Then it lays an egg. Roy

I learnt how to count by tens and how to look after the chickens. I also learnt that plants need water, sun and food to grow. Erica

I learnt about our Hairy Heads. We need to look after our Hairy Heads by giving them lots of sunshine, water, soil and plant food. The Hairy heads grow and change when we give them these things. Olivia

I learnt that beanstalks have roots and grow in the ground. They need sun and water to grow. I also learnt that caterpillars turn into chrysalis and then into a butterfly. Ken

I learnt how to write words and sentences. Plants need water, air, sun seeds and soil to breathe and grow. Zoe

I learnt how flowers grow, first you get a seed and then you plant it in the soil. Then you water it and put it near the sun. Then it grows. Annie

I learnt that people need water and food. I also learnt how to read books. Monika

I like learning how to read because it makes you smarter and it’s also lots of fun. Kate

I like writing sentences about the footy. George

I like learning to write letters and numbers. Ruby

This term I like learning about life cycles because we know what animals go on the circle. Lachie

I like doing handwriting because I like colouring in. Kiara

I like doing mindful colouring in because it makes me feel happy. Connor

I like doing our reading activities because we play games. I like to play Letterland. Emily

This term I like learning about the Letterland characters. Lucas

I like learning how to write words and to read. Maddison

I like doing the Letterland letters and Peter Puppy. I liked mindful colouring because it was nice and quiet. Isabella

I like learning to write words and numbers and counting numbers. Rupert

I like learning about life cycles. I learnt that life cycles are for nearly every animal. Mykaela

My favourite part about school was learning new stuff we don’t know like how to read and I learnt my doubles in Maths. Harvey

I like writing things about school. I like Maths because I like doing counting. Hayley

I love writing about my family. We did the life cycle of a lady bug. Tom

I like doing handwriting because it can help you write letters. Bella

What have you learnt and enjoyed this semester?