What can you make with 100?

On Friday, as part of our 100 Days of School activities, we created some art using the numeral 100 and our imaginations! Here are some of our creative responses!


an alien


a butterfly


a car

cat lying down

a sleeping cat


a mermaid


a cat

monster truck

a monster truck


a penguin

What would you make?

Bubbles, bubbles, beautiful bubbles!

We have had a very busy week in Prep. Prep V and Prep K came together to blow bubbles on the hill. We all made a big circle and tried to blow as many bubbles as we could. We had so much fun! Bubbles make us very happy.

We watched a beautiful short film called ‘Bubbles‘ from the Literacy Shed by Gabriela Zapata. We noticed that when the little girl was sad the music was quiet and the colours of the sky were dark. When the little girl found the bottle of bubbles the music became happy and the colours around the little girl were bright. After her adventure the little girl shared her happiness with someone else.

Bubbles from gabriela zapata on Vimeo.

We had a great discussion about everything that we saw and we thought about where we find happiness – what makes us happy? Then it was time to write and we painted our happy places.

ROY I find happiness at the zoo because of the monkeys.

GRACE Going to the zoo makes me happy because it has lots of animals.

KEN I find happiness at school, in Prep V, because I am with my friends.

PETER I find happiness with my mum because I love her.

ALANA I find happiness at the beach because you can swim in the water.

JORDAN Going to the park makes me happy because there are swings.

ERICA Going to the beach makes me happy because there is the water.

XAVIER I find happiness in the bushes because it is fun.

LEO Going to the zoo makes me happy because I like the giraffes.

ANNIE I find happiness at school because I learn new things.

GEMMA I find happiness at the park because there are monkey bars.

MONIKA I find happiness in the meadow because I can pick some flowers.

OLIVIA I find happiness at the lagoon because I like the lizards and crocodiles.

ZOE Going to school makes me happy because people make me happy.

MELINA I find happiness at home because I can play with my mum and dad.

Where do you find happiness? 

What makes you happy?