PJ Day!

PJ Day is a special day at St. Luke’s. The whole school – teachers too! – come to school in their PJs to help raise money for Melbourne City Mission. Melbourne City Mission supports people in our community who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It is a day when we stop to think about how lucky we are to have warm beds and nice homes, especially over our freezing winter months. We are very proud of our Preps who advertise the day and help raise awareness of those around us who are less fortunate.
We had a fun day making toast, designing PJs for our bears, making a graph of our favourite toast toppings and bringing our bed time buddies to school for the day. We also stopped to remember how grateful we are for all that we have. We raised $340.00 for Melbourne City Mission this year. Thank you to our school community for your amazing generosity.
Why do we have PJ Day?
We give money to the poor who don’t have homes. Harvey
We give money to the people who have to sleep on the streets. Lucas
On PJ Day we wear our pyjamas to school. Lachie
We raise money for the poor people. Tom
Here are some photos of the day.

Why do we need to help others?

How can you help others?

3 thoughts on “PJ Day!

  1. Thank you Preps for leading the school in an important activity. We are so lucky to have all the things we need and sharing with people who do not is important.

    Mrs Coffa

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