What do you love about school?

Here are our reflections of our first term at school.


I like playing with my friends because it’s fun.

I love playing with my friend Blake because he is so friendly.

I love going to Letterland because I like seeing all the letters.

I love playing with my buddy because it’s fun.

I like Letterland because we get to do lots of Letters.

I love to read books in the book corner because it’s relaxing.

I love it when Miss van Eyk reads stories because it’s nice and quiet.

I like playing with the little blocks because I can make robots and lots of things.

I love going to the Library because you can get a tee pee ticket.

I love playing with my buddy because I love him.

 I like to go in the Library because Mrs Bergin always brings books to me.

I like to watch Letterland because Annie Apple is my favourite character.

I like Meditation because I like Jesus.

I like colouring in because it makes me feel good.

I love building things with Mobilo.


I like Developmental Learning time because we can play with blocks and make people and cars and tanks.

I like doing handwriting because at the end you can colour in and learn lots of letters.


I love to do lots and lots of learning. I love numbers.

I like doing SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) because it helps us calm down.

I liked Sports night because we got to do the games that we practised.

I like when we do handwriting because we can colour in the pictures.

I like playing on the slide.

I love my buddy because we can play tiggy and he is fun.

I love playing with my friends. I have good friends.

I like reading my books that I take home.

I like doing my red words and my golden words.

I like playing with the Duplo because I make people and cars.

I like school because we can do Letterland. My favourite character is Munching Mike because I start with M!

I love Buddy time when we get to go to the Buddies classroom.

Welcome to our new Preps!

We have had a very busy start to 2017. The Preps have been amazing and shown great excitement for all our activities. We have just finished our swimming program and last Monday we had our twilight sports carnival. We are very grateful to all our parents who have supported such a wonderful start to the year.

We are excited to share lots of new learning through our blog. Please ask questions and make comments. There is a ‘How to make a comment’ page at the top of the blog. Let us know if you have any issues commenting or would like some help. The children are always very excited to see comments from their families. Our blog is also a great conversation starter at home between you and your child.

Generally at the end of a post we ask a question or questions to keep the learning conversation going between home and school. The blog can be shared with family members who live interstate or overseas. The world is a smaller place when blogging. Follow us on twitter @slprepk and receive an alert when a new post has been added to the blog.

We look forward to a wonderful year of sharing!

Introducing our Preps for 2017.

What do you love about school?

Preps ask Mum or Dad to help you write a comment about school.