Good-bye to our chicks!

We could not believe how quickly our little chicks started to grow and change. We noticed that their baby down feathers were being replaced with new feathers. We also noticed that our slightly older chicks had begun to grow tail feathers! They were also becoming more active and fluttery in the playpen. It was time for our little chicks to go to their new home on the farm. We have loved watching them grow and change. We have also learnt so much about what living things need to grow. We think that all living things need lots of love to help them grow!

Here we are holding our chicks. They felt warm and soft. We were very careful to hold them properly so that they would feel safe and comfortable. We will miss our chicks especially their lovely cheeping sounds that greeted us everyday.

Our Chickens!Kizoa Movie – Video – Slideshow Maker

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