The Tiny Seed

Once again our Preps have been inspired to create beautiful art pieces based on the wonderful books we read and share. As we are focusing on what living things need to grow and change, Eric Carle’s book ‘The Tiny Seed’ was a great way to introduce what happens to a tiny seed and to follow its growth journey. The Preps worked with water colours, glitter paint, collage and pure imagination to create these stunning works of art. We were excited to see all the different effects we created by using water colours and glitter paint to create the flower petals. So many varied colours and patterns. We hope you enjoy our masterpieces!

2 thoughts on “The Tiny Seed

  1. Wow, Preps!

    Your imaginary seeds have grown into amazing flowers. I love how each one is so different and so special. The colours and patterns you have chosen are amazing.

    I am thinking of the beautiful creation story and how God made everything so special and how we need to look after our beautiful creation.

    Keep up your great learning,

    Mrs Yore

  2. Great work preps! Such beautiful pieces of art work using so many different colours and textures. Your flowers have flourished with all the love and creativity you put in to your work. Well done!

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