How are We Called to Care for our Common Home?

For Inquiry this semester we are looking at ways we can care for our world. We have noticed that in our own school environment there are times when we see lots of rubbish. We have been thinking of ways we can share the message that we all need to care for God’s creation – our common home.

The Preps decided we could do the following:

  • create posters to ask others to pick up rubbish
  • make announcements to remind everyone to pick up their rubbish and put it in the right bin
  • talk  to the whole school at assembly about the rubbish in our playground

The Preps also thought they could show this slideshow at assembly to remind everyone that we need to take care of our environment.

During Literacy we are reading many books to help us learn about caring for the environment. We read a funny story called ‘Hey! What’s that Nasty Whiff?’ by Julia Jarman and Garry Parsons. The animals were not looking after their home on the savannah so Vulture and Hyena (who worked very hard to care for the environment) created a contract for the animals to sign promising they would help to keep their home clean. We thought very hard about what we could do to help the environment and wrote our own promises – here they are!

Aslan– I promise to clean my school so people don’t step on the rubbish.

Liam – I promise to put rubbish in the bin and recycling in the right bin.

Lachie – I promise to look after the world by turning off the lights and saving electricity.

Emily – I promise to clean up the school and recycle.

Jacob – I promise to clean up my house by picking up rubbish.

Bella – I promise to recycle cardboard.

I promise to clean up my home by putting it in the bin.

Blake – I promise to clean up my house by picking up rubbish.

Harriet – I promise to turn off the lights.

I promise to turn off my lights every time I go out of my room.

Xavier – I promise to turn off my lights and turn the tap off.

Layla – I promise to turn the lights off when I go away and to turn off the tap.

Ziad – I promise to turn off the lights when I go away.

Cooper– I promise to use fossil fuels less.

Harmony – I promise to recycle to help the environment.

Taylar – I promise to turn off the lights

I promise to clean up the world.I will turn the taps off and I will never bring plastic bags. Luke

I promise to never drop rubbish. I promise to never waste water. Emily

I promise to pick up rubbish and I will remind my mum and dad not to use plastic bags. Maddie

I promise to clean the world so people don’t slide on the rubbish. Samantha

I promise to recycle plastic and rubbish and things that you can recycle. Iris

I promise to not leave the tap on. Ari

I promise to recycle paper scraps. Noah

I promise to clean up rubbish. Reece

I promise to pick up rubbish to care for our environment. Ford

I promise to not waste water. Jacob

I promise to not waste water and turn off the water. Leon

I promise when I go to the supermarket I will bring a bag. Hannah

I promise to recycle bottles, paper and cardboard. Sebastian

I promise to not litter. Sean

I promise to never use plastic bags. Jessie

I promise to not use bags from the supermarket and use bags from home. Eva

I promise to recycle plastic and put it in the bin. I will grow figs on a fig tree and grapes on a grape vine. Charlotte

What can you do to care for our common home – our wonderful world?

A very busy Term Three!

We have had another busy and exciting term in Prep.

One of our favourite days in Prep is Letterland Day! All the Preps dress up as their favourite Letterland characters to celebrate all the wonderful learning we have done so far this year. A big thank you to all our parents who make the day such a happy one by helping out with costumes and attending our parade. Here we are!