How Are We Called To Care For Our Common Home?

To help spread our messages about how we can all care for the environment, the Preps made a video. They had to plan their message, decide on the props they needed and practise their roles. We are very proud of their efforts!

We made our video to tell people to look after our world and to ask for help to clean up the world. Eva

The world is a part of our common home and we are sharing it so we need to not chop down too many trees. Jessie

To help others to care for our common home. Noah

Put the cans and glass in the recycling bin. Leon

We look after our world by not throwing rubbish. Jacob

Our messages help people to remember  to not litter and to turn off the lights to not waste electricity. Ford

We need to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE to help our planet. Iris

Don’t buy things with lots of packaging. It will help our environment. Emily

Please don’t throw rubbish on the ground because it will go into the drains and into the ocean and it will hurt our animals. Charlotte

Turn the taps off when you brush your teeth. Sean

We made the video to show the world to reduce, reuse, rethink, refuse and recycle. Xavier

We made the video so no one does the wrong thing and throws rubbish. Harmony

Don’t cut trees down because the animals homes will fall down. Liam

How are We Called to Care for our Common Home? from Learning Together on Vimeo.

How can YOU care for our environment?

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