Footy Day

Today is ‘Footy Day’. We had breakfast at school with our Dads because it is Father’s Day on Sunday. We wore our favourite team colours. In maths we explored our favourite teams. We made a tally to discover which team was most popular in Prep.


Prep S Tally

Then we made a “Live Graph” the represent our data

Prep S Living Graph

Prep S Living Graph

After our live graph, we made a picture graph of our results.

Prep S Pictograph


This is what we discovered…

Two teams had one supporter. (Abbey)

There are lots of Collingwood supporters in Prep S -7 children. (Eleanor)

Brisbane, Hawthorn and Geelong all have two supporters. (Luca)

Carlton and the Eagles both have one supporter. (Mitchell)

The most popular team is Collingwood. The second most popular team is Essendon.

Eleven teams had no supporters in Prep S. (Olivia)

What is your favourite AFL team?

3D Shapes in Prep

In Prep we have been learning about three dimensional shapes – 3D. We looked for 3D shapes in the classroom. We found cylinders – candle, glue stick, crayon, cup, container, stamper and a string roll

Photo by Celia

cones – a party hat and a witches hat

Photo by Yar

spheres – ball, pom pom, marble and a foam ball

Photo by Tilly

rectangular prisms – boxes, packet textas, pin tub and a shape cutter

Photo by Josh D

Photo by Josh D

and cubes – dice, blocks and a box.

Photo by Vanessa

We discovered our class room was full of many different 3D shapes.

What 3D shapes can you find at home or at work? Tell us about them.

We are 100 days old

100 Days Old and looking good!

100 Days Old and looking good!









IMG_0223Congratulations to all the wonderful Prep children in Prep S and Prep K!!! You have been at school 100 days. We are so very proud of how you have grown and in so many ways.


Thanks to our buddies for blowing up 100 balloons. It was a lovely day to spend together.DSCN1797