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We love comments! Parents who leave comments please only use your first name so as not to identify your child.

Follow these steps to leave a comment:
1. Click on the heading of the post you wish to comment on (or click on the ‘leave a comment’ link at the bottom of the post)
2. Scroll down until you can see the ‘Leave a reply’ section
3. Type in your comment and remember to only use first names
4. Type in the anti spam code and fill in your email address (this will not be published)
5. Click ‘post comment’
6. Your comment is sent via email to the Prep Teachers for moderation. When it has been approved it will appear on the blog

3 thoughts on “How to make a comment

  1. It was great to read about what you have found all living things need to grow and survive. You research on the chicks and watching their birth sounds like it taught you a lot about their life cycle. Do you think that all animals in the bird family go through the same type of life cycle process? Also I am wondering if all living things need the same or similar things?

    It was great to read all about your learning!

  2. Hi preps,
    your 100 days of prep looked fun. The chicks are sooooo cute I remember when I was in prep it was fun. From Oscar

  3. Hi preps,
    did you have fun on your 100th day of school?
    Have you learnt anything about Australian history this term?
    if you have can you please tell me?
    best wishes,
    from Celia

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